Enforce Products

VSL-35 Pipe Joint Lubricant,
Vegetable-Oil based

  • For lubricating O-rings and slip-on gaskets
  • NSF approved
  • Will not support bacteria
  • Non-petroleum
  • Low VOC’s
  • Will preserve rubber and reduce gasket swelling

Our VSL-35 is manufactured from pure vegetable oils with no petroleum additives.  This lube is considered the most economical gasket lube available for fair weather conditions.

Available sizes:

VSL-35-2  (2 lb bucket)
VSL-35-5  (8 lb bucket)
VSL-35-6  (25 lb bucket)
VSL-35-7  (40 lb bucket)
VSL-35-9  (55 gal drum)

Click here for complete MSDS Safety Specifications ( PDF )